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La Casa Book and Gelista Video A resized 450Our principal consultant, Michael Neale, has just published a paper called “Three Keys to Great Brand Narrative”. In the paper, he talks about his recent experiences working with two clients, leading Australian cheese company La Casa Del Formaggio and premium gelati and ice-cream maker Gelista.

From these experiences, he identifies three keys to great brand narrative; be authentic, reflect quality and connect emotionally. He explains how these three keys to great brand narrative are reflected in the projects undertaken with his clients.

Having been outspoken on the importance of narrative in the past in papers such as “Your Logo is Not Your Brand”, Michael concludes asking the question “So is ‘Brand’ all about narrative?” He concludes that brand is still all about narrative but that these narrative brand stories need to be told with authenticity, reflect quality and connect emotionally with the target audience. To read the paper in full, click here: Three Keys to Great Brand Narrative