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It is a problem for businesses of all sizes; not enough time is spent focusing on the long-term goals. The reality is no matter whether it’s a small business or a large business, our focus is often on the urgent rather than the important. Too much time is taken up by returning messages, reading emails and writing board reports, as well as focusing on those important issues that require our daily attention; cash flow and meeting payroll.

Businesses simply don’t take enough time to think, let alone think about the long-term. Business all too often fall into the trap of doing the business rather than building the business.

One of the reasons that businesses don’t spend more time thinking about the long term is the rate of change in the business model. 2006 to 2016 saw a complete change in how we listen to music, keep our photos, take notes, organise our calendars and even find a nearby restaurant; all as a result of the launch of the iPhone in 2007. How could a company predict what the market place of 2016 would look like in 2006?

The TenTwoSix™ model helps companies to think about the long-term goals in broad and abstract ways that account for the uncertainties of the future. The model then helps companies to take those goals and asks what needs to be achieved in two years to put the company in a position to achieve those long-term goals in the 10-year timeframe?

By taking this approach, long-term goals set in a context of high uncertainty inform medium term (two year) objectives that are much more realistic; set in a context of higher certainty.

Having established medium term objectives over the next two years, companies can then focus on the priorities that need to be addressed over the coming six months to move towards the medium-term objectives. The net result is that it allows companies to project forward, thinking strategically with a long-term view but at the same time taking action now with clarity and certainty.

The TenTwoSix™ model can be applied to a number of planning problems within an organisation. However, it is perfectly suited for long-term business direction, brand strategy, new product innovation strategy and overall marketing strategy.

Literally Brilliant can assist your company in applying the TenTwoSix™ model to think about your company’s long-term goals and then setting objectives and priorities to help you achieve them.

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