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Many companies grow in the early stages with the CEO/Managing Director undertaking the marketing and sales function of the business. As the business grows, sales and marketing execution is often delegated to new members joining the team. The CEO/Managing Director often retains the responsibility of strategic oversight. Eventually, the business grows to the point where it needs high-level strategic input into the sales and marketing process beyond what the CEO/Managing Director can provide, either as a result of capacity or expertise or both. Many organisations at this point try to delegate this task to an existing member in their team but quickly realise that they are under prepared for this strategic role. There is also the problem that the strategic oversight, whilst a constant need, is not a full-time job.

In these situations, the solution maybe to appoint a part-time Chief Marketing Officer to provide the strategic oversight. This appointment may be for a period of time until business growth makes the appointment of a full-time CMO justified or, alternatively, for the period that it takes to up skill an existing team member. Part of the requirements of this appointment should always be to facilitate the up-skilling of the existing sales and marketing team.

Literally Brilliant can provide strong strategic oversight and professional development in the form of a highly experienced Chief Marketing Officer to fill a part time CMO role on an external contract basis. This arrangement allows for flexibility of the engagement expanding and contracting over time as required.