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Too often, companies implement strategy in fragmented ways – brand promise unrelated to company mission statement, vision statement, values, sales priorities or a multitude of other initiatives that are implemented depending on who read the latest management best seller!

We believe that the risk here is that the staff do not know what they should be focusing on. The risk is that there is a loss of unity of purpose; a lack of cohesion.

At Literally Brilliant, we believe that company culture is central to sustained success. Good company culture is characterised by “Cohesion of Purpose”. That cohesion of purpose needs to focus on the promise to the customer.

Our CoP Culture™ process helps companies to understand and communicate its purpose to the team in a way that is engaging and meaningful. This is based on the company's brand story; the promise you make to your customer. The process then helps the team to identify behaviours that are consistent with purpose. Purpose comes from execution of the plan to deliver the promise to customers.

CoP Culture™ is self-policing. When everyone is committed to purpose, they quickly identify behaviours that inhibit purpose in themselves and in others. CoP Culture™ empowers the team to call out these behaviours respectfully and help drive desired behaviour.

Cohesion is an important concept in our model. The idea of cohesion is one of “sticking” together. There is an expectation that the team will focus on keeping people connected to the team. When someone falls down, they are picked up.