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Literally Brilliant can provide third party assessments on external and internal teams delivering marketing and sales functionality to your business.

Marketing Department Reviews (Higher Education)

Literally Brilliant has extensive experience and track record working in the field of higher education marketing. This is a particularly difficult area due to the wide range of stakeholders that need to be addressed. Marketing needs to deliver leadership whilst still being service oriented in a complex stakeholder environment of different (sometimes conflicting) expectations.

Now, more than ever, higher education institutions need to know that they are getting exceptional value for money/return on marketing investment.

The combination of proprietary tools and specific higher education experience makes Literally Brilliant the perfect consulting firm for leading a review on the marketing functions of a university.

Although we have recommended processes for undertaking a review of the marketing function of the higher education institution, Literally Brilliant can modify its processes to align with the terms of reference set by the institutional leadership.

Marketing Department Reviews (Commercial)

Literally Brilliant has experience in helping you get the most out of your internal sales and marketing team. We address structure, skills and performance. This can include the crucial relationship between the sales team and the marketing team within your organisation.

Marketing Services Reviews (Pitch Alternative)

We review marketing services agencies from a commercial/strategic perspective rather than a creative perspective. This helps you to maintain strategically focused and successful long-term relationships with your marketing services providers. We align selection criteria to strategy and then assisting you evaluate your agency options in a way that is fair, transparent and cost effective for all involved.