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Literally Brilliant is committed to investing in thought leadership both on behalf of clients’ specific needs and, most importantly, so that we can be confident that our consultancy services are constantly evolving to offer our clients a leading and unique offering of world class.

We can bring thought leadership models into your business to help you find ways to stay ahead of your competition by out-thinking them.

Our thought leadership experience and international connections allow us to build high-performance global advisory boards to help our clients:

  • Access new external thinking, intelligence and ideas to help build and maintain leadership
  • Gain insights into industries and trends in commercial arrangements
  • Accelerate product, process and business innovation
  • Gain deeper insight into customer needs
  • Identify potential risks to leadership positions
  • Characterise and model best practice
  • Grow insight and inspiration
  • Add a global perspective

Design & Implement Thought Leadership Programme

Literally Brilliant can design a thought leadership programme specifically targeted to the needs of your organisation. We will consider the pace of change in your industry, your relative position in the market, your external/global connectedness and your cost benefit of bringing new thinking into your organisation.

Once we have determined the thought leadership needs of your business, we will draw on our expensive network of thought leaders across the globe to provide you with access to the insights you need.

We will then  manage the process, for example managing the agenda and conducting (in person or remote) advisory board meetings.

Specialist Input to Thought Leadership Programme

We are open to contributing to existing advisory boards, bringing extensive strategic, higher education, marketing, creative and alternative thinking experience to your business.

Current and previous advisory board experience includes:

  • Higher education entities
  • Software and consulting companies
  • Furniture manufacture
  • Built environment industry
  • Acoustic Solutions company
  • Sporting institutions
  • Cultural events
  • Cultural institutions

Thought Leadership Seminars

We believe that good strategic marketing consultants should be heavily invested in thought leadership. This does not just mean keeping up with the latest thinking, it means shaping and contributing to the latest knowledge.

Literally Brilliant has engaged in academic research, writing and/or the thought leadership process in a number of key areas. As a result, full day seminars are available for up to 12 senior managers with full materials provided in a number of topic areas. There is some material available in the public domain or in the academic literature but these seminars are reflective of the latest thinking on the topic by Literally Brilliant, will cover the topic in depth as well as breadth and will be applied to practical implementations.