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La Casa Assortment resized 1400One of the key strategic decisions that Literally Brilliant made when it was established was to make a business focus of working with prestigious South Australian brands that have been built on quality and authenticity. La Casa Del Formaggio contracted Literally Brilliant to provide ongoing marketing consultancy services from the end of last year. In doing so, La Casa Del Formaggio has provided an excellent example of that business focus. It has great brand equity built on quality and authenticity.

The founders of La Casa Del Formaggio brought authentic cheese making techniques with them when they emigrated from Italy. Some of the cheses they make have been made in Italy for the best part of a thousand years. Many people in Australia will have their Traditional or Bambini Bocconcini in a tub in their fridge right now, perhaps without knowing that the brand is La Casa Del Formaggio. To some extent, this is the challenge that has been set before Literally Brilliant. This is where our consultancy services will be helping out!