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Literally Brilliant draws on experience across a wide variety of industries and has specific expertise in taking the learnings from one industry to another. Our business has experience in industries as diverse as higher education, FMCG food, building materials, technological services, software, luxury products, wine & beverage, NFPs, automotive, media, sports & recreation, and events & hospitality.

Case Studies

Read more about Rinaldi Confectionery

Read more about Rinaldi Confectionery

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Roberto Rinaldi heard Michael Neale from Literally Brilliant speak at the 2015 Food South Australia Food Summit. Michael spoke just before lunch and, during the break, Roberto sought him out. Roberto Rinaldi is Managing Director and founder of premium honey nougat maker Rinaldi Confectionery. His family came from one of...

Read more about Rinaldi Confectionery

Read more about Gelista Premium Gelati

Read more about Gelista Premium Gelati

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Peter Cox, Managing Director We were in our sixth year as a business but we simply were not where we wanted to be. We had worked hard to create a reputation for quality with leading celebrity chefs and prestigious dining venues but our venture into the consumer market was unsuccessful....

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"As an advanced technologist, you worry that commercially savvy people aren’t going to understand your business but that hasn’t been a problem for Michael. He has previously worked in a number of high technology roles, so he gets technology and all of the problems associated with application uncertainty. But he has also had high level experience in consumer products companies giving him the ability to bring unique insights to our business."

— Liam Cahill, CEO of TT Fuel

"Michael has a process that starts with his TenTwoSix™ model. This starts by looking at where you need the business to be in 10 years’ time. There is a lot of uncertainty in that time-scale but Michael's model has the capability to deal with that. It really deals with goals in a broad and flexible way."

— Phil Grace, co-founder of Acoufelt

"We were fortunate enough to start working with Michael Neale from Literally Brilliant as a result of a grant program. We interviewed seven people in a competitive situation. We felt like we only had one chance at this and we really wanted to get it right. When we met Michael Neale from Literally Brilliant, we immediately thought there was a great cultural fit. He has a lot of experience in food marketing and we knew he was the right mentor for us."

— Natasha Goldsmith, co-owner of Steiny's Traditional Mettwurst

"Our brand narrative was clear for the first time in our history. That made other marketing decisions so much easier to make. We changed our visual identity and our packaging – tidying up the logo in the process. The retail offering changed; even the flavour profiles. The 570ml Gelista jar was a direct result and has been highly successful."

— Peter Cox, Managing Director of Gelista Premium Gelati

"Michael was generous with his time, patient and professional all the way through the process. We thought we needed a new logo. In fact, we didn't even understand the difference between a logo and a brand but what Michael taught us was that we needed to sort out our brand narrative. He helped us to do that …"

— The Canon Reverend Dr Matthew Anstey, Principal of St Barnabas College

"Michael is an inspiring person. His leadership of the Bay to Birdwood has been refreshing. His knowledge is deep and his vision and ambition are equally far reaching. I am gaining a lot of wisdom working with Michael, and I'm arrogant enough to think I was pretty wise before I met him. For big picture thinking and realistic ambitious goal setting, he's it."

— Paul Rees - Director, National Motor Museum Australia

“Michael personifies the entrepreneurial spirit. Michael goes out of his way to share his knowledge with others and is generous in the way he invites others in to share his enthusiasm and opportunities."

— Rosslyn Cox - Managing Director, Managing for Performance

As my mentor, Michael Neale helped me gain a new perspective on my career that was completely transformative. By sharing his personal and professional insights and experiences, Michael helped me determine my own definition of a successful career, recognise the value in my skills and expertise and develop an action plan to help me achieve my professional goals. The best part of my mentoring experience with Michael was receiving thoughtful, tailored advice, hearing a different perspective and gaining a trustworthy supporter and an advocate."

— Helen Livissianos, AMI mentoring program