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The Literally Brilliant™ process is about helping companies to understand what makes them “Brilliant” in the eyes of their customer. We help them to articulate that brand promise in a narrative form and then organise their business to deliver that brand promise with literal focus.

The process usually consists of two phases, the strategy development phase and an on-going implementation phase. The strategy development phase is more intensive with the implementation phase tailing out to a less-intensive regular ongoing engagement.

The strategy development phase commences with helping the business understand its long-term goals and how it can reach them through medium-term objectives and short-term priorities. This planning process is conducted using the TenTwoSix™ model.

The long-term planning from the TenTwoSix™ feeds into the narrative development process as the “narrative of mission”. The narrative development also considers the “narrative of culture” (what the business is saying about itself through content analysis of existing collateral and listening to the staff) as well as the narrative of the customer.

Traditional strategic measures such as market based assets, competitor analysis and growth opportunity analysis are considered in the strategy development phase.

The implementation phase is perhaps just as important as the strategy development itself. Sometimes knowing how to implement the strategy is more difficult than understanding what the strategy should be in the first place. With years of experience in implementing high-level marketing strategy, this is an area of expertise for Literally Brilliant.

Literally Brilliant has developed the ZBOO™ model (Zero Base Outcome Oriented) to help companies understand the relationship between issues, initiatives, outcomes and marketing budgets. This system makes marketing activities accountable within and to a business strategy.

Once implementation is completed, the engagement usually reverts to a regular review process over time.

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